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Faith Hope Love and a Bicycle

It is an understatement to say that their minds were blown.  They stood in amazement and pondered this for awhile. One of them kept saying, “Wow I’m going to be thinking about this all night”. I shared the Gospel with them and asked if I could pray with them. We stood in a little circle on the sidewalk outside of a bakery and we had an encounter with Jesus.

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5 Successful Socially Responsible Start-Ups

Wherever this word that's changing business models began there's no doubt that people are capitalizing big on making a big difference. So whether you are shopping for things that make a big difference or looking to start a social company of your own, here is a list of 5 Successful Social Start-Ups you may not know. 

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Why TOMS a Successful Social Start-up?

When looking at success in the realm of socially conscience start-ups, there aren't as many places to look for influence and experience. Any good business mentor who's world their weight in gold, will tell you that start-up founders should do their research into the success and failures of like-minded companies. However in social start-ups there just really aren't a lot of successful companies to research. Many start-ups that we see come in to the business world just can't seem to get past the mission to keep a healthy bottom line.  The first big name social start-up that we see come on the scene since at the turn of the century is TOMS. Starting in May of 2006 as "TOMorrows Shoes"...

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How Do I Become A World Changer?

Who is a World Changer? Who Gets to Decide? I recently went to Eswatini, formally known as Swaziland, with a group of girls who were determined to be world changers. When I asked them what they thought it looked like to be a world changer, they described a scene of epic portions, of rescuing orphans and fighting for widows. When we arrived in Nsoko they were filled with the romantic ideas of what it looks like to serve the poor and truly make a difference in a nation. 

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