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About Us

Mission Statement

“Help the World by Helping Nonprofits”

Our Short Story

Our founder, Joshua Marshman spent 4 years studying aerospace engineering with a speciality in systems engineering and optimization and project management. Upon graduating, the NASA administration took a big budget cut, and thus the aerospace industry wasn’t hiring anyone. He saw this as an opportunity to travel and serve the least of these around the world. He spent 2 months in the poor barrios of Nicaragua to realize that he wanted to make a lifestyle out of helping people. After spending the next 4 years traveling the world and helping a number of nonprofits, Joshua returned to home to South East, USA to create 5050Projects so he could help support a worldwide solution.

How Can We Help Your Organization?

Generate Additional Funding

We’ll Help You Reach Your Fundraising Goals through our “Inspiring Apparel For Inspiring Causes” Campaign. You’ll be equipped with customizable email campaigns to send to your donors and volunteers, with step by step instructions on how to make an inspiring purchase. And the great part is, we don’t charge you, we actually pay you!

Optimize Your Organizational Systems

With years of experience in systems simplification, we’ll help you streamline your mission statement, clearly articulate the vision your setting out for, and set mission minded goals to get your organization focused on your cause.

Re-engage Donors

We’ll also help you run a Donor Engagement Campaign via your social media pages. Don’t have a social media, don’t worry, we can help you set one up. These campaigns will help bring new and returning donors to a whole number of action items, sign-up, donate, attend an event, etc. you can choose it.

Create A Next Step Improvement Plan

In addition to the system improvements, we’ll also connect you to our network of friends and coworkers that specialize in all of the technical work you may need; website design, app development, SEO improvements, Google Adwords, Graphic Design, Animations, etc.  

Inspirational Gifts That Make A Positive Difference

'Be The Good' collection specializes in apparel, accessories, and home decor that promotes a simple message of positive, uplifting, and encouraging news in the world.

50% of net proceeds goes to support our Highlight Nonprofits.

For every purchase that you make today of ‘BE THE GOOD' products, we will donate 50% of the net proceeds to support organizations that are making lasting efforts to bring positive change in the world around them. Read More >
Will you join us to be a part of the solution?


Our Giving Projects

Each product at 5050Projects is created to encourage goodness in the world. We donate 50% of our proceeds from each Giving Project to a nonprofit or charity that's doing the hard work needed to bring a better tomorrow.
Be The Good comes from the wildly popular phrase, "Believe There Is Good In The World". This growing ever more important in today's society. 


Our Story

5050 Projects is an online based retailer that strives to offer you inspiring apparel that supports inspiring causes around the world. Our goal is to provide inspiring individuals with inspiring products and then donate 50% of our net proceeds to nonprofit organizations that are directly creating a positive change in the world. 

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Meet The Founder

Joshua Marshman Founder of 5050Projects

The Story

Meet Joshua Marshman, Founder of 5050Projects. At the age of 26 he met with Valarie who was sharing profits 50/50 to help with clean water organizations with money she made from water she had bottled in the mountains of North Carolina. After a brief lunch, Joshua pitched the idea to build this model out across other platforms including healthcare, housing, and education. After a several months, Valarie decided to focus more on her family and supported Joshua to fully launch the company called 5050 Projects. 

The Inspiration

Joshua has been privileged to travel the world through missionary work and seen many of the beautiful places around the world during his time of service. He has also seen much of the brokenness and need. Even from a young age, Joshua wanted to do something to help and encourage people out of need and into a fulfilling relationship with Christ. With a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a speciality in System Engineering and Project Management, Joshua's mission is to assemble an organization that helps others achieve their goals.

Let's Connect

If you would like to connect with Joshua you can email him at